Byzantine and Rus’ Seals

Byzantine and Rus’ Seals: Proceedings of the International Colloquium on Rus’ – Byzantine Sigillography Kyiv, Ukraine, 13–16 September 2013.

Byzantine and Rus’ Seals: Proceedings of the International Colloquium on Rus’ – Byzantine Sigillography Kyiv, Ukraine, 13–16 September 2013 / Edited by Hlib Ivakin, Nikita Khrapunov, Werner Seibt. The Sheremetievs’ Family Museum of Historical and Cultural Rarities; The Ukrainian National Committee for Byzantine Studies. – K., 2015. – 336 p.


Oleksii Sheremetiev . Foreword …9
Олексій Шереметьев . Передмова …11
Hlib Ivakin, Nikita Khrapunov, Werner Seibt . Editors’Preface …13
Гліб Iвaкiн, Нікіта Храпунов , Вернер Зайбт . Від редакції …17
Translation and Transliteration …21

Part I. Byzantine Seals: Publications
Aleksandr Gertsen. A Vault with a Byzantine Seal in the Cemetery of Almalyk (Mangup) …25
Appendix. The Seal of a Chartoularios from Mangup (by Werner Seibt) …33
Alexandra-Kyriaki Wassiliou-Seibt. A Kommerkiarios Seal from the Last Year of Constans II’s Reign (667/68) Found in the Upper Dniester Region …37
Fedir Androshchuk. Byzantine Imperial Seals in Southern Rus’ …43
Nicholas Alekseienko. The Particulars of the Byzantine Administration in Taurica: Seals of the Stratores of Cherson …55
Victor Chkhaidze. Byzantine Lead Seals Addressed to Matarcha from the Sixth to the Twelfth Century …61
Nikolay Kanev. A Lead Seal of Germanos, Protoproedros and Its Attribution …71
Todor Todorov. The Seals of Emperor Theophilos (829–842) …75
Found in Bulgaria: Dating, Рифове, Historical Commentary …75
Werner Seibt. Some Interesting Byzantine Seals with Surnames in the Collection of Oleksii Sheremetiev …83
Oleksandr Alf’orov. A Seal of Michael, Archon and Doux of Matracha and All Khazaria (in Oleksii Sheremetiev’s Collection) …97

Part II. Byzantine Seals and the World around
Jean-Claude Cheynet. L’usage des langues a Byzance: le temoignage des sceaux …107
Elena Stepanova. ‘O άνθρωπος τού βασιλές and ό δούλος τού βασιλές on Byzantine Seals …125
Ivan Jordanov. Observations on Dating of Byzantine Seals (Fourth to Fourteenth Century) According to the Corpus of Byzantine Seals from Bulgaria …143
Nikolay Hrissimov, Valentin Marchev. A New Source on the Life and Reign of Empress Theodora …159
Vivien Prigent . Byzantine Military Forces in Sicily: Some Sigillographic Evidence …163
Nikita Khrapunov . Continuity in the Administration of Byzantine Cherson According to Seals and Other Sources …179
Aleksey Shchavelev . A Seal of Byzantine “Translator of the English” Patrikios Sphen: Its Date and Socio-Cultural Context …193
Hlib Ivakin . The Historical Context of Seals of Neilos from Kyiv …201

Part III. Seals of Rus’
Marina Sotnikova . A Seal of Jaroslav the Wise (Kyiv, 1019–1054) …221
Evhen Eidel. A Seal of Maximos, Metropolitan of Kyiv and All Rus’ …231
Serge Beletsky. Rus’ Seals as Text …235
Valeriy Stepanenko. “Portraits” of Princes in the Sigillography of Rus’ from the Eleventh and the Twelfth Century …245

Part IV. Post-Byzantine Seals
Vera Tchentsova. A Corpus of Post-Byzantine Seals: Research Cataloguing Project …263
Marina Kurysheva . Impressions of Seventeenth-Century Seals in Greek Manuscripts Collected in the State Historical Museum of Moscow …281

Анотації …313
Abbreviations …327
Contributors …329
Moments from the Conference …331

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